Fantastic reviews of „Krystyna Durys celebrates Ella Fitzgerald” concert at Ladies' Jazz Festival!

Fantastic reviews of „Krystyna Durys celebrates Ella Fitzgerald” concert at Ladies' Jazz Festival!



„The festival ended with two Sunday concerts. The first one was a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald prepared for the artist’s 100th birthday. A young Tri-City singer Krystyna Durys performed Ella’s repertoire which was a risky but rewarding decision. Durys did not try to imitate Ella’s singing and compete with the legend instead she sang the everlasting swing standards with great enthusiasm and grace and this approach worked out perfectly.”

Author: Tomasz Rozwadowski



„Krystyna Durys payed the most wonderful tribute to Ella Fitzgerald for her 100th birthday and showed that jazz classics and evergreens performed in such way are doing just fine and are going to do fine.”



„Krystyna Durys concert was in fact a musical show where the songs were an illustration for the story of Ella Fitzgerald’s fascinating life and work. Exactly 100 years ago Ella Fitzgerald was born. This jubilee has become a motivation for Krystyna Durys to create a performance featuring both the repertoire of the great jazz diva and her biography. The event took place on Sunday at the Musical Theater during the Ladies' Jazz Festival. The orgenizers of Ladies' Jazz Festival apart from presenting the greatest jazz singers from around the world are also promoting new talents. This year they went one step further and for the first time instead of inviting Krystyna Durys to perform a non-ticketed concert on the open-air stage as former young artists did they proposed her to play a ticketed concert on the New Stage of the Musical Theater. The room was almost full.

„There are more such voices as her or maybe better in the Three-City” – commented one of the listeners even before the concert began undermining the organizers decision.

Even if he was right Krystyna Durys has something that many vocalists lack – she has an interesting idea for herself perfectly compatible with her emploi. Thanks to that when her colleagues go unnoticed she stands out from the crowd and steals the hearts of the most picky jazz lovers as her Sunday performance confirmed. The audience of the Ladies' Jazz Festival is eager to participate in concerts of the biggest stars as well as young talented artists as the attendance at Krystyna’s concert proved. Aside from the the idea for herself Durys also has shown big self-confidance as she was not afraid to confront the songs from the repertoire of the biggest jazz divas in her first album Tribute To Ladies Of Jazz. After all the audience remebers the brilliant original versions of those songs. Durys not only dared to pay tribute to all those marvolous jazz singers but has also received excellent reviews and invitations for prestigious festivals such as Java Jazz (ID). Sundays concert at Ladies' Jazz Festival was a musical show done in every detail. None of the songs that have been performed have come out of nowhere. Each was associated with an appropriate introduction.

„Before the concert I read Ella Fitzgerald’s biography on the internet but many facts escaped me. I met them today during the concert. I think such a formula is much more interesting than just listening to music.” – said Michael, one of the listeners.

For Krystyna Durys not only repertoire is very important but the visual aspects too. She always waeres appropriate gowns which refer to those worn by jazz divas during their performances back in 30’s – 50’s. Her band is very stylish too like Duke Ellington’s orchestra dressed up in black suits, white shirts and bow-ties. That makes the audiance feel as if they were taking a journey in time to the golden era of swing. This impression of course will not pass when we close our eyes because the music is also on the highest level thanks to arrangers: Artur Jurek, Marek Jurski and Henryk Wieczyński  as well as great instrumentalists with whom Krystyna Durys performed: Pawel Hulisz (trumpet and flugelhorn), Marcin Janek (clarinet and saxophones: soprano, alto and tenor), Adam Wiśniewski (trombone), Marek Jurski (piano), Piotr Kułakowski (double bass) and Adam Zagrodzki (drums). Although the program was filled not only with music but also with extensive stories about the life and work of Ella Fitzgerald Durys did not forget about the audience with which she kept contact all along. It is obviously difficult to verify but it is true that few young artists can accomplish such a perfect show made with such attention do detail. The huge applause of the audience was the best evidence for that.”

Author: Ewa Palińska

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